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Registration Information - Requirements

Submitter information required:
Submitter's Name ~ Street Address ~ City/State/Zip ~ Email Address ~ Telephone Number
Note: This information will not be given to anyone. Only your name and city/state will be displayed in the registry list.  Email address will only be used to reply to email if there is an inquiry about your car by another. In this case, your email address will be used to 'blind carbon copy' the inquiry to you. This way, you have the inquirer's name/email address and may reply to them if you wish.

Vehicle information required:
1. Vehicle Identification Number (all years 1964 through 1972)
2. 1964 and 1965: The Malibu SS was its own series in 1964 and 1965 and can be identified by the VIN itself.
3. 1966 and 1967: Canadian only identified by having the A51 "Sports Option" and Malibu SS badging.
4. 1971 and 1972: There is no way to determine a SS-optioned Chevelle by the partial VIN matching engine stamp because 1971 was the first year a small-block V8 could be ordered with the SS option and a big-block (LS3/402) could be ordered without the SS option. A matching partial VIN stamp on the engine only proves the engine is original to the car. Proof would have to be some sort of paperwork (excluding the Protect-O-Plate warranty card) showing the RPO Z15 SS option and the VIN of the car the option was ordered on.
5. 1972: Any 1971 or 1972 Chevelle with the SS option and either the LS3 402 or LS5 454 should register their car in the LS5 Registry for those with a verified 454 engine. Those 1971 and 1972 Chevelles with the optional LS3 402 engine but without the SS option should register with the LS3 Registry.
6. 1973: Any 1973 Malibu Colonnade Coupe, El Camino, or Station Wagon with Z15 option.

Vehicle information requested:
Aside from what is required above for 1969 through 1972 model years, a photo of the body plate will be used to match VIN with plant body number for cross-reference. The body plate tells nothing about the SS status but will associate a VIN with a body number. You may also include a photo of the car (minimum 640x480) if you wish.

Each model year will have its own submission form due to differences in information required. NON-SS 1969-1972 Chevelle/El Camino vehicles are welcomed to register but only 13427/13437 (1969 models) and 13637/13667/13680 (1969-1972 models) please.

NON-SS and MAYBE-SS Chevelle/El Camino cars are welcomed to register. Known NON-SS and MAYBE-SS status will be duly noted. Since the 1964-1968 Chevelles and 1968 El Caminos can be identified as SS cars by their VIN, only 1969 through 1972 Chevelle/El Camino cars would fall into the NON-SS and MAYBE-SS categories for the purposes of the registry; and that is to attempt to determine which 69-72 VINs are associated with the SS option.

For personal and possible legal concerns please read and understand the Disclaimer.

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