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Information presented herein is not to be taken as positive and absolute proof, verification, validation, or authentication that a given Chevelle/El Camino is or is not a true Super Sport. While every effort is made to ensure only Super Sport Chevelles with apparent and normally acceptable proper paperwork or other substantial evidence is included in the listings, it is getting harder to 'prove' some true Super Sport Chevelle/El Camino. What is presented are Chevelle/El Camino cars with at least one substantial reliable means of documenting the car. If any document submitted is suspect the car will be removed from the SS listing and placed in either a 'doubtful' listing or a known non-SS listing. This site and no person or persons submitting a candidate for submission to the registry is to be held liable for presenting what appear to be correct and valid documentation. This site does not claim to be a final authority and will not authenticate, verify, or validate any claim. The data here are simply presented, you must be the final judge.

Reproduction build sheets, reproduction window stickers, custom made Fisher Body plates, and even custom made Protect-O-Plates are legally being sold. As long as these items are legal to sell it becomes harder and harder to verify the true heritage of any Super Sport Chevelle/El Camino.

If you are purchasing a Super Sport Chevelle/El Camino and the VIN has been registered here, chances are pretty good the car is what it says it is, or rather the VIN is what it says it is, a Super Sport Chevelle/El Camino. Because of the rising costs of documented Super Sport Chevelles and El Caminos, the buyer must still be aware of the possibility the car is a tribute/reproduction/clone or flat out fake and accept all responsibilities for the purchase/sale of the car. Do your homework!