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Credit Cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover

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 Standard Certificate - U.S. Mailing Address - $26.00
 Standard Certificate - Canada Mailing Address - $29.00
 Custom Certificate - U.S. Mailing Address - $31.00
 Custom Certificate - Canada Mailing Address - $34.00

Frame Color
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Add Toolbox Magnet?
Magnet design will match your Malibu SS year
Malibu SS Registry Magnet

 Yes Please - With Standard Certificate $5.00
 Yes Please - No Certificate, just toolbox magnet $5.00
 Yes Please - With Custom Certificate $4.00
 No Thank You - $0.00

Magnet will be year-specific. Samples above show overall styles for years listed.  Select year 1964
 Select year 1965
 Select year 1966 (Canadian models only)
 Select year 1967 (Canadian models only)
 Select year 1971
 Select year 1972
 Select year 1973
 Select year 1974

If ordering ONLY a toolbox magnet with no certificate to any mailing address outside the U.S. an additional postage fee will be added to your credit card order. I will confirm mailing costs (generally International First Class) with USPS website and email you the additional postage charge for you to confirm order with additional postage costs.

If your toolbox magnet is mailed along with a Certificate of Registration, the additional ounce or so weight generally has no effect on mailing costs.